MMORPG based on the Anime 'Dragon Ball'


A Faihful adaptation to a MMORPG Experience

Create your own character and begin your adventure. Meet other players and explore the world, quest and complete the dungeons together!

What Makes DRAGON BALL: Time and Space a Great MMORPG?

Awesome and faithful characters

Awesome and faithful characters


Explore the world of Dragon Ball Time and Space and meet various characters from the dragon ball series!

Fight alongside the iconic and beloved characters like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and many more as you embark on a journey to defend Earth against the forces of evil. With the game's faithful portrayal of these legendary heroes, their personalities, and signature moves, players will experience the true essence of the Dragon Ball universe.

Massive PvP

Massive PvP


Engage in player vs. player battles, putting your custom character to the test against other players' creations.

Train your character to harness the incredible power of ki, learn iconic moves inspired by the Z-fighters and master them to fight against other strong players. Rise through the ranks to customize your character further. Whether you're a humble Human, prideful Saiyan, a jolly Majin, or an enigmatic Namekian, the path to becoming the strongest warrior is yours to forge.

Once you are strong enough, participate in budokai, tournament of power, ranked battles and other PvP events!

Interactive Quests

Interactive Quests


Explore iconic locations from the Dragon Ball universe in Dragon Ball Time and Space, unraveling new storylines, and interacting with beloved characters along the way.

While questing, players will experience the true essence of the Dragon Ball universe. Engage in thrilling battles against formidable foes from the dragon ball sagas, saiyan saga, namek saga and more. The game's storytelling and captivating visuals faithfully recreate key moments from the anime and manga, immersing players into the heart-pounding action and nostalgia.

Rich PvE Content

Rich PvE Content


Fight against various monsters and explore the world of Dragon Ball Time and Space and complete the tasks given to you by various NPCs and level up!

You must make sure you can keep up with the high level monsters and test your combat prowess against fearsome villains from the nefarious Red Ribbon Army, Pilag Gang, Ginyu Force and many more each with their unique tactics and abilities.

Beautiful transformations

Beautiful Transformations


Experience the power of transformations in Dragon Ball Time and Space! Harness the mighty Super Saiyan form, unlock the mystic potential of the Namekian, or tap into the dark powers of the Majins. With each transformation, your character's abilities and appearance will evolve, granting you access to a heightened edge in player vs. player combat.


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